Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Imaging

Special people require special physicians.

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Pediatric Imaging Overview


Pediatric Radiologists are specialists who perform and interpret medical images of infants and children. In our practice, the latest technology is utilized to image our patients, including such modalities as general radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (also known as CT or "CAT" scanning), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine.

Our pediatric radiologists have received specialized training in the imaging of children and have developed examination protocols specifically designed for children, with particular emphasis on limiting the radiation dose. The radiologists and staff have also created a child friendly and compassionate environment where everyone strives to diminish the stress to both patient and parents.

We work closely with referring pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists from all over central New Jersey to provide timely, accurate, and cost-effective diagnosis and treatment.

We see patients at both our outpatient facilities as well as at our affiliated hospitals.

Pediatric Imaging Services

We offer the full spectrum of pediatric imaging services, performed and interpreted by the appropriate subspecialty radiologist. Below is a sample list of studies we perform and interpret on a regular basis.

  • General Radiography (X-ray) — all studies.
  • Fluoroscopy
    • UGI (Upper GI)
    • UGI with SB (Upper GI with Small Bowel Follow Through)
    • VCUG (Voiding Cystourethrogram)
    • VCUG with sedation (offered at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital)
    • Cine Esophagram
    • Modified Barium Swallow (offered at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital)
  • Ultrasound
    • Abdominal
    • Renal and Bladder
    • Hip
    • Neurosonogram
    • Spine
    • Scrotum
  • CT — all exams
  • MRI — all exams
  • Nuclear Medicine — all exams, including:
    • Nuclear Cystogram
    • Bone Scan
    • Lasix Renogram
    • DMSA Renal Scan
    • PET Scan

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