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MultiParametric MRI (mpMRI): The 3D Prostate MRI Scan

MultiParametric MRI (mpMRI): The 3D Prostate MRI Scan

What is mpMRI of the prostate?

Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) of the prostate is a cutting edge diagnostic tool that uses four imaging parameters, instead of one, to identify healthy and unhealthy prostate tissue. It generates a 3D prostate map, detects water diffusion in prostate and abnormal tissue, and evaluates blood flow in tumor and normal tissues.

What are the benefits of mpMRI?

Unlike ultrasound procedures, mpMRI is completely noninvasive. The powerful 3T magnet eliminates the need to insert a wand into the rectum, making the procedure more comfortable. Clearer image quality from the MRI scan shows tumors less than a centimeter in size. Biopsies can sometimes be avoided when mpMRI findings support clinical features. When cancer is suspected, mpMRI provides image guidance. These "fused MRI-Ultrasound image guided" biopsies have been found to be more accurate than "blind" biopsies.

Who is a good mpMRI candidate?

This MRI scan is a good option for men with rising or abnormally high prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Men with low cancer risk considering active surveillance can use mpMRI to establish a baseline for future test comparisons. Additionally, mpMRI can also help determine treatment success or recurrence in men who have already received prostate cancer therapy.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

Please refrain from eating three hours before the MRI scan, and cleanse your bowels with a Fleets enema before arriving. Bring your PSA and any biopsy results with you to your exam. Do not wear jewelry or metallic accessories, and tell the radiology physician or technologist if you have metal implants, including pacemakers, aneurysm clips, implanted drug infusion ports, implanted nerve stimulators, vascular stents, or coils.

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What should I expect during an mpMRI?

During the exam, you'll be asked to wear a gown and lie still on the table that slides into the MRI bore. If you are receiving contrast dye, it will be injected into your vein with a small needle. Expect loud noises as the machine takes images. The process lasts approximately 40 minutes, after which you can re-dress and go home. Your Radiologist will study the images, dictate a report, and send it to your doctor. Your doctor will discuss results with you.

Is there any radiation with mpMRI?

No, mpMRI is a radiation-free procedure.

Are there additional costs?

Insurance coverage differs for every patient in New Jersey. Please check with your insurance provider to understand your health care policy for this MRI scan. There may be out-of-pocket charges to you.